One for Tom.

I promised to write my final article in english. While I’ll post other atricles, this one concludes the coverage of our one-month journey in the USA.

Our first three weeks were absolutely faboulous, visiting more parks and canyons that I even knew existed. Amazing scenery, gogeous outlooks, perfect weather, kind people, comfortable hotels, fanstastic locations….we had it all.

But the last week of our US stay was exactly « what the doctor ordered« .

What better way to recover from three weeks of travelling, packing and unpacking, than the amazing time Sophie, Tom and the girls gave us in their home, in beautifull and quiet Fairfield, Connecticut.

The warm welcome we received was a joy, after spending 20 nights in 11 different hotels.

I know that we arrived after you guys just entertained visitors in early summer, and I know that this was a very busy time for Tom, having to wake up at ridiculous hours every morning. For these reasons we are even more gratefull to you guys.

You dropped us and picked us up at the station for three days. You have shown us around Soho boutique’s, taken us to New-York’s best rooftops and spent the best part of a baseball match trying to explain us the rules of the game. You have been fantastic hosts and taken so much time for us.

And what to say of Sprite Island… What words can properly render the feeling that exudes from this place. Wonderfull ? Peacefull ? Friendly ? Amazing ?  None of these comes even close. « Unique ». While totally undescriptive, I think « unique » describes it the best. There is really only one way to know what I mean, and that’s by going there. Only the few priviledged that have been there can understand.

This is the perfect place to relax, chill-out, get some fresh  (and welcome) breeze and share a beer or glass of rosé with friends. Loïc had a great time with the girls there swimming, crabbing, fishing and just playing around.

What a shame we live so far apart and have so little opportunity to meet.

On the other hand, that’s probably what makes these encounters so special.

Thank you again guys, you have been fantastic !


Flo Lo Cri

PS : One of the reasons some of our luggage came 24 hours late in Brussels is that Loïc’s suitcase was held-up during security checks at the airport. It was opened and a suspicious object was retrieved from it. Upon returning the luggage here in Brussels, we were handed the ‘suspicious object’ separately. It turned out to be : Loïc’s medal from the Sprite Island fishing tournament.Unbelievable!  Lot’s of troubles for not much fishing that day, but probably a fun story to tell around on the Island !

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Le jour le plus redouté.

Toutes les bonnes choses ont une fin. C’est aussi le cas de ces vacances. Les valises sont faites et (péniblement) fermées. Les sacs de voyages sont bien remplis. Les tickets et passeports sont en poche. Nous sommes prêts. Ce soir, nous quittons les USA….


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Pourquoi se priver des bonnes choses ?

C’est vrai quoi. C’est notre dernier jour (avant celui du retour) et nous avons décidé d’aller une dernière fois sur Sprite Island. Que voulez-vous, on y est tellement bien.

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Nos derniers jours au paradis.

Eh oui, ça commence à sentir le retour. Nous sommes mardi et ce jeudi, c’est fini les vacances. Il est temps donc de profiter de ces derniers jours pour se reposer et préparer notre retour.


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Go Yankees !!!

Ce soir, nous avons rendez-vous avec les New-York Yankees. Mais avant cela, Sophie nous emmène  découvrir un autre New-York.


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Retour à Manhattan

Ce dimanche matin, nous faisons un bref passage sur Sprite Island, de quoi se baigner et déjeuner. Cette fois-çi, nous sommes sur The Hill, le point le plus haut de l’île, surplombant la plage et avec vue sur le large. Cet après-midi, nous repartons pour Manhattan où nous logerons tous et passerons la journée de lundi à Manhattan.


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L’île fantastique

.Aujourd’hui c’est repos. Nous passons la journée sur Sprite Island. A midi, il y a un concours de pêche pour les enfants. Deux heures de pêche et celui qui aura pêché le plus de poissons gagne. Loïc est dans tous ses états. Malheureusement c’est une mauvaise journée pour la pêche, aucun des 25 enfants participants n’aura attrapé le moindre poisson. Tant pis, mais c’était fun quand même.
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